The Sasine Register, the older type of register in Scotland is a chronological list of land deeds. It is based on written descriptions of properties (unlike the modern Land Register, which is map-based). 

The Sasine Register Search Sheet contains a brief description of the property including its approximate size and address or relative location (e.g. 430/1000 acre of ground bounded on north west by Edinburgh Road).

The property description is followed by a list and short description of deeds submitted for registration. These provide an account of all transactions that have taken place on the property. From these entries it is possible to establish previous owners of the property, price paid information, charges, etc. 

The Sasine Register is being progressively superseded by the Land Register but if a property has not been registered in the modern Land Register the only source of information about that property is the Sasine Register. Records from 1905 have been digitalised therefore this is the earliest date that we can search. This search will not provide a plan.

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